Kankariya Lake Agitation – Street Play “Taras Tagi Chhe Taras”



Dear Friends,

Our home town, Ahmedabad, is beautifying by Government. Entire city is dig up to construct roads, bridges, gardens etc. You can see many bridges and new roads in the name of Development. When Bollywood star Jitendra visited city, he said ‘Wow! I can’t believe this is Ahmedabad city! He shined to see shined city. But no one could see that how many people died, displaced, migrated and victimized of this concrete development. The Other side of this Vibrant Shine is full of darkness.

Kankariya Lake, one of most beautiful site of my city where many people earned their livelihood by their petty business like ballonwala, Pakodiwala, Bhel or Sandwichwala…But now there is no one around the lake because entire lake is ‘Behind The Bar’ in the name of development. Once upon a time when people can see the lake just to pass around it, that sight is now ticketed@Rs10. The public place where anybody could come is now behind the huge wall and the lake is missing its common class people who made it alive.

Ticketing of the public lake is a business policy of government and due to that the worst affected class is poor class who could not see his or her public place until he or she not pay Rs. 10 per person.

 Budhan Theatre in association with Fade in Theatre is  performing a street play “Taras Lagi Chhe Taras” in the various part of Ahmedabad city, especially sorrounding areas of Kankariya Lake to protest the ticketing of public lake. As both groups are being a ‘Voice’ of oppressed people, we are trying to mobilize as many people and on 25th April we will enter in the lake without tickets and break the ticket policy on non violent way.

Let’s be a ‘Voice’ of ‘Unheard Voices’.p11005091





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