Invitation to watch play Accidental Death of an Anarchist – By Budhan Theatre

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Dear Budhan Theatre Freinds,

You are cordially invited to watch opening performance of renowned play  ‘Accidental death of an Anarchist’ Written by Daria Fo, Italian Playwrite and Nobel Prize Laureate. Produced by Budhan Theatre and Directed by Dakxin Chhara-Bajrange. Please mark your calender. Sunday, the 13th September 4, 2009 from 7.30 to 9.00 PM. Gates will close at 7.20 PM. Please take your seat before 7.20 PM.


L & P Hutheesingh Visual Arts centre, CEPT University, K. L. Campus, Gujarat University Road, Ahmedabad 380 009

About Play:

Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist (1970) responds to events unfolding in Italy in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Generally, it looks at police corruption and suspicions regarding the government’s collusion in this corruption. More specifically, it addresses the actual death of an anarchist who was being held in police custody following the bombing of a Milan bank that killed sixteen people and wounded about ninety. The police asserted that the anarchist’s death was a suicide, that the man threw himself from a fourth-floor window in despair at being found out for his crime. At the subsequent inquest, the presiding judge declared the death not a suicide but an accident. Most Italians believed that the death was the result of overly harsh interrogation techniques, if not a case of outright murder on the part of the interrogators.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist is mainly about police corruption, underscored by the play’s focus on impersonation, infiltration, and double-talk. A fast-talking major character, the Maniac, infiltrates a police headquarters. Posing as an investigating judge, he tricks the policemen into contradicting themselves and admitting that they are part of a cover-up involving the death of an anarchist. In infiltrating police headquarters by misrepresenting himself (impersonation), the Maniac reminds audiences of how most political groups in Italy, particularly left-wing groups, were infiltrated by police agents who acted as informers. The Maniac’s flip-flop of point of view and statement achieves much the same effect as his impersonations do. His confusing speechifying leads to the police contradicting themselves, so that the Maniac, in all of his deceptions and distortions, is a precise reflection of what the play is designed to expose.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist is one of Fo’s most popular plays both within and outside Italy. It has played around the world over the years to millions of people, a popular choice of directors who want to point to corruption in their midst.

Budhan Theatre, Chharanagar is committed to empowering the marginalized and bringing dignity and respect to the stigmatized sections of the society.  Budhan Theatre has been active since 1998.

3 thoughts on “Invitation to watch play Accidental Death of an Anarchist – By Budhan Theatre

  1. vaishakh

    Kalakar nu geet
    Muje mat maro sb mene to kuch nahi kiya tha,
    Aam aadmi tha aam aadmi ki tarah jiya tha.

    Meri maa ne mere chere par bhabhut laga ge
    nat ki kala sikhai thi,
    bachhe ki bhukh ke liye mene yahi kala bech kar
    ek roti jutai thi.

    roti ko dekh kar mera bachha bhuke janvar ki tarh us par tut pada tha
    or me use dekh kar fut fut ro pada tha

    meri bevi ne uski sadi ki kor se
    voh ansu poche the,

    ise tarah hum apni apni kala me khoye the

    Muje mat maro sb mene to kuch nahi kiya tha,
    Aam aadmi tha aam aadmi ki tarah jiya tha.
    vaishakh rathod

  2. saravaiya Divya k.

    My self Saravaiya Divya. i’m run only 1 women Theatre Group in Gujarat by Help of “Budhan theatre.

    I am also one part of budhan theatre .i want to show this drama.i am soo axsited for show this drama. so i hope you sent this drama in my ID.

    Thank you.


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