You should perform plays in your indigenous Dialect – Sachin Khedekar

Dear Friends, before few days i went to see play Kanji V/s Kanji. Alok, Our one of actor who is NSD pass out also acted in that play. After play he introduced me to plays lead character and renown film and theatre actor Mr. Sachin Khedekar. After short introduction i simply ask him “why don’t you visit our library? he happily agreed to come and next day he visited Chharanagar Library.

We talked with him about the historical stigma attached to Chhara community and also to all the Denotified Tribes. He was so happy to see the library running in the community and children and youth are using theatre to come out from stigma and to educate rest of world to leave prejudices of Criminal Tribes from their mind set. He also greeted to children who passed in Std. 10 exam. Budhan Theatre children presented some of excerpts from the play Budhan. After that he interacted with all the child actors about their own day to day life and suggests us to make plays in our own dialect called Bhantu.

I committed to him that in near future you will see us to performing plays in Bhantu dialect.

Want to share some of stills of his visit.


2 thoughts on “You should perform plays in your indigenous Dialect – Sachin Khedekar

  1. Swati Bhatt

    Hello All, it’s just before few weeks I heard about this group. When Mr. Roxy came to Central University of Gujarat. and as it grabbed my interest I decided to work in an area of street theatre and how it works as a tool for social change. I am constantly reviewing your site and it’s so impressive! I really congratulate all of you and wish to interact with you and watch your plays at Pune festival as well. I am waiting for an interaction with you…

    Congrats again.

  2. Swati Bhatt

    Oh sorry, Forgot to introduce myself. I am a research student, School of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.

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