Budhan School of Theatr Arts, Journalism and Media Studies.

Since its inception before a decade ago, one of the primary objective of Budhan Theatre was to prepare a breed of professionals in the field of communication. As theatre, journalism and media studies are the important aspect to prepare the students in the field of communication, the group has started a six months certificate course.

The school
The school is located in the Chharanagar library in Ahmedabad and currently the lectures has already in progress. The school is currently run by Budhan Theatre group, a part of the umbrella organisations of Bhasha Research and Publication Centre in Vadodara.

The students
There are currently 30 students who comes for regular lectures in the school. All of them are either the residents of Chharanagar and/or from the nearby localities.

The Director
Currently, the post of director is vacant and is awaited for the right candidate from the community.

The Honorary director
Roxy Gagdekar, a full time journalist working in Ahmedabad and a member of Budhan Theatre is currently the honorary director of the school. He teaches the basics of journalism and the skills of reporting to the students.

The faculty
Other members of Budhan Theatre are teaching the basics of theatre and other aspects of communication to the students.

5 thoughts on “Budhan School of Theatr Arts, Journalism and Media Studies.

  1. saurabh misra

    Dear Dakshin,
    All the best for the BUDHAN SCHOOL OF THEATR ARTS, JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES. I am sure this school like Budhan Theatre group will also be a great success.

    1. dakxin Post author

      Dear Divya…so nice to see your comments. Budhan Theatre also very much happy that it has initiated theatre education in your school. Hope your study is going on well.
      When i will come back, i will be surely come to Rajkot, in our school, and meet all of you.
      Take care and wish you a happy new year.
      Thanks for your inspiring comments.

  2. ritesh

    this is very inspiring initiative, and if with all communication subjects if we include basic development communication and its principle that will help everyone wonderfully.
    all the best

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