Dakxin Bajrange Chhara is an award winning filmmaker, playwright, actor, director and activist from the Chhara community of Ahmedabad in western India. He is the Founder of the Budhan Theatre in Ahmedabad, created to bring attention to the plight of the Chharas, a tribe imprisoned by the British because they were considered ”born criminals,” and who suffer police brutality because they continue to be viewed as outlaws. His independent documentaries for film and television include Fight for Survival; Bulldozer; Thought for Development, and many others. His Five Plays is in press.
Roxy Gagdekar is a founding member of Budhan Theatre and a journalist at DNA, a English Daily Newspaper in Ahmedabad of Gujarat. He has acted in many plays of Budhan Theatre.

*Photos by P. Kerim Friedman, from the Hooch and Hamlet website. Material is licensed under creative commons.