Budhan Theatre has so far done many plays on the life and struggle of varius Denotified and Nomadic Tribes people. Though it has always raised various social issues which touches everyone in the Indian Society, it has focused its plays mainly on the problems of the DNTs, NTs and SNTs.

1) Budhan

The play on the death of a Sabar, a tribal in Purulia District of Kolkatta. Budhan Sabar was killed in a police custody. After a legal battle, activists Mahasweta Devy won the case on behalf of Budhan’s wife Shayamali Sabar. A play on the entire incident was made in February 1998.

2)Pinya Hari Kale Ke Maut

A play on the custodial death of Pinya Hari Kale in Maharashtra.


A play on the custodial deat of Deepak Pawar in Baramati District in Maharashtra.

4)Mazhab Hamen Sikhatat Aapas Mein Bair Rakhna

A play focused on the 2002 Riots of Gujarat. One of the most direct play depicting all the details of the riots and the people behind it.

5)Mujhe Mat Maro Saab

A comprehensive play on various custodial deaths of DNTs. One of the important issue of encroachment drive faced by the urban poors is been focused in this play.

6)Chole Ke Peeche Kya Hai

A play adapted from the short story of Mahasweta Devy, Stan Dayeni. The first proccenium play of Budhan Theatre.

Apart from that around 10 children’s play and over 20 plays focused on the various social issues of chharanagar have been performed by Budhan Theatre since last 10 years.