It is a documentary film about that how Ahmedabad City is being develops as a ‘Mega City’ of the death bodies of children, old age people and helpless people. Gujarat is vibrating to those victims of ‘Mega City’ which is a large number in Ahmedabad and this the policy to remove encroaches is causing for migration of those nomadic and denotified Tribes from the city. Bull-Dozer = Municipal Corporation which is doing continuous demolition of nomadic tribes people’s ghetto like Sansi, Vaghari, Rajbhoi, Jogi, Bairagi etc. who settle at one place before 60’s but right now not having documentary proofs What Corporation demands. Due to demolition many children and old age people die on the road side of IIM-A and In Maninagar area which is a political constituency of CM of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi. Supreme Court’s inhuman judgment about encroachment without provides them any kind of alternate. This film tries to become voice of voiceless people who are socially, economically and politically marginalized and also stigmatized ‘Criminal’ by legal and judiciary system.

I should add that this film was born when I saw a dead little baby on footpath of Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad due to sleep in extreme cold weather without warm clothes as municipal corporation taken all the clothes of so-called encroaches. From the Anger to the present system which is not for poor and day by day they are living more harsh full life without dignity, this film born.